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Understanding Internet Connectivity

Internet Connectivity for Business-Critical Networking Needs

T-1 connections provide high-speed, optical connections to the network backbone of the Internet. When Internet access is critical to your business or organization's daily activities, T-1 service is the solution for you.

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How Does It Work?

A T-1 cable connection runs directly from your telco's central office to your location. The other end is connected to Hubris Communications. This gives you a clear, point-to-point connection to the Internet that his based on highly reliable fiber optic connections.

Unlike ADSL, a T-1 connection is not distance-sensitive. You will get reliable throughput regardless of the distance from your business to the telco central office.

Speed and Reliability

T-1 connections have symmetric speed capabilities. Upload speeds are always just as fast as download speeds. T-1 connections are also highly reliable. Unlike dial-up modem and DSL service, your data does not need to be modulated. It leaves your network and arrives at the destination as an unaltered digital signal.

In What Circumstances Would My Business Benefit from a T-1 Connection?

If Internet access is critical to your business operations, you should only consider T-1 service. You should also consider getting a T-1 connection if you need to perform high-bandwidth functions such as:

  • Providing Internet Access to an Entire Enterprise (more than 20 computers)
  • Multimedia Streaming
  • Remote Database Services
  • Web Hosting Services

Is T-1 Service Available in Your Area?

Because a Point-to-Point T-1 pricing is distance sensitive (as much as $15 per month per mile), true Point to Point T-1s are most appropriate in the Wichita metropolitan area.

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