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Reliable, Flexible, High-Speed Metro-Ethernet

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Metro-Ethernet provides reliable point to point and Internet access with speeds up to 120Mbps at costs far lower than fiber-based services. By providing the service as an Ethernet based connection, companies can further lower costs by not investing in expensive routing equipment and hardware to terminate already existing, traditional copper-based services.

Wide Availability

Because our product is based on traditional copper circuits, it is not necessary for your location to be a "lit" building on a fiber network. Most business locations within city limits will quality for this product without any additional requirements.

Low Cost of Entry

Since no special build-out is required, the setup costs for our product is comparably low. Because of this, installation costs are quite reasonable compared to competing technologies.

Built-in Redundancy

Every installation we do, regardless of size is done with multiple redundant circuits. Because of this, network resiliency is drastically increased because performance issues with individual copper pairs do not result in a complete loss of network connectivity. That means the redundancy enables repair before events become service impacting.

Symmetrical Bandwidth

All our Metro-Ethernet products offer completely symmetrical service. Your upload bandwidth is always the same as your download speed, all the way up to 120Mbs.

24 x 7 x 365 Monitoring

All of our business class services are automatically monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Should something ever happen to your service, we will likely know about it before you do.

No Long Term Contracts Required

Because of the ease of installation, no long term contract is required with our service. We'd never try and force you to keep a service you didn't want so why would we make you sign a long term contract? Most services can be ordered with as little as a month-to-month commitment.s

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