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High Speed Internet Service Area

High Speed Internet Service for Small Businesses

Hubris Communications High Speed Internet is the perfect broadband solution for small businesses. To offer service to you, certain physical requirements must be met. See if your business location qualifies.

Major Points of Presence

We are able to provide service to qualifying locations in several cities across Kansas. Refer to the map below to see all the cities we can service.

Additional Requirements for High Speed Internet Availability


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There are some additional steps needed to determine if your location can be serviced with ADSL connectivity, because DSL technology features some important qualifications to function properly.

Qualifying Your Loop

Your business must be connected to a part of the phone network that can handle DSL. The term "loop" refers to the wires making the connection from the phone company office to your location and back There are four main factors to check:

  1. Is your office within the city limits?
  2. Is your location within distance restrictions from the phone company equipment? The current distance limit is 16,000 ft from the central offices.
  3. Are there other services sharing the same wire bundle that might cause interference?
  4. If ADSL is not available, is ISDN, or another broadband service available?

Request a Loop Check

Fill out our Service Availability Form. The information you provide will be used to determine if DSL service is available at your address.

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