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Dialup Service Area

Available to Dozens of Kansas Communities and Hundreds of Cities Across the Country!

Learn all the features that our fantastic dial-up service has to offer.


Discover just how convenient business dial-up access can be. Get pricing and sign-up information.

We offer Kansas' best solution for dial-up Internet access. Dial-up accounts can be used anywhere we have a point of presence.

Covering Kansas

With local numbers in dozens of communities across Kansas, Hubris Communications is able to serve you. We have a list of towns and cities where Hubris Communications Dial-Up Accounts are accessible via a local call.

Covering the Nation

It's nice to know that if you move or if you travel, you will likely be able to take your Hubris Communications Dial-Up Account with you. Our customers can connect via local numbers in hundreds of cities in the U.S. Use the form below to search for the dial-up number in your neighborhood.

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