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Business Digital Phone Service

Our digital phone service is designed for customers who already have their own phone system and simply desire a reliable phone service. Customers who need or would like to replace their existing phone system should see our Hosted Phone Service.

Delivered as either traditional POTS, digital PRI service or SIP trunk, our digital phone service replaces traditional phone service.

With our digital phone service you can:

  • Save money on your monthly phone costs - Save as much as 50% on your monthly phone line costs.
  • Eliminate your long distance bill - All your domestic long distance is included in our low monthly phone line costs.
  • Get a scalable and flexible solution - No need to be locked into a certain number of lines ahead of time. You can add or remove lines easily at any time. Businesses with seasonal line needs can easily scale up and scale back down as their business needs require.
  • Enjoy no long term contract - As with most of our services, there is no need to sign a long term contract. We'd never hold a customer to a contract if their needs changed.

Reliable and Affordable Business Phone Service

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