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Our Network

Powerful, Fast, and Reliable Connectivity

Just as a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, the Internet connectivity that you purchase can only be as fast as the slowest point in the Network. By focusing on core network fundamentals, we have built a geographically diverse and redundant network fabric that allows us to provide "Non-Blocking" Internet Access to our customers, which virtually guarantees that we are never the rate determining factor of their Internet throughput speeds.


We provision all of our core connectivity by utilizing 45 Mbps DS-3 connections or greater to all our carriers and have made no exceptions to this rule. Here is an overview of our current core network connections and how we physically connect them:

  • Level 3 Communications (Internet Network) 1,000Mbs
  • Verizon Business (Internet Network) 45Mbs
  • Qwest Communications (Internet Network) 45Mbs
  • Cogent Communications (Internet Network) 100Mbs
  • Hurricane Electric (Internet Network) 100Mbs


Our upstream Internet connectivity has diverse paths and utilizes BGP4 dynamic routing to ensure that the best available path for your data is utilized.


Our business is Internet Access and maintaining a constant connection to the Internet is our goal. This is why we maintain at least two upstream Internet providers and two core routers.

IP Address Space

We have our own ARIN-assigned (American Registry for Internet Numbers) IP address space. Having this allows us to add/change upstream Internet providers without affecting your network.


Our capacity utilization policies define that we never run our network at greater than 70% of its maximum capacity. As we approach 70%, we order additional capacity.


We can scale our Internet Network to an aggregate capacity of 90 Mbps by merely placing phone calls to our upstream providers. No additional equipment or telecommunications infrastructure is required.

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